Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Useful Instructional Design Blog

Here's something you should try- go to Google, type in "Instructional Design Blogs" and be amazed!

I googled that very copy and was astounded by the suggestions that came up. I'll share three of the blogs that I found and why I thought that they were so interesting.

1.  The ELearning Coach
The ELearning Coach blog is written by Connie Malamed and has great little tips, top ten lists and even book reviews. For someone who doesn't like to read big blocks of useless text before getting to the "good stuff" this blog is great! Malamed offers great suggestions of ways to present content and incorporate technology into learning but not in an overwhelming way. You know a blog is good when it gets you excited and makes you want more! That is exactly what this site was for me. Both as a teacher and a hopeful future instructional designer, the tips, suggestions, resources, and updates will be extremely valuable in the future.

2. The Rapid Elearning Blog
I'll be honest with you- sometimes I need things to be catchy or interesting right off the start in order to get me to read further. This blog is just that! Free templates, tips and demos litter the blog and titles of entries like "Avoid the curse of the Frankencourse" and "Maybe all your learner needs is a baby shower" caught my eye. The entries are easy to read, encouraging and a lot of them are humorous which makes me want to read more and even learn more! I will continue to go back to this blog to watch the demos and get the free templates while completing my degree and teaching. It's definitely one that I will return to!

3. Upside Learning Blog

The Upside Learning Blog also caught my eye and held my attention. This blog has a lot of "top" lists that I enjoyed scrolling through and is also presented in a way that holds my attention. I enjoyed the entry, "Ipad Apps and Bloom's Taxonomy" since this is what we are focusing on in class this week. It was an interesting cross over and food for thought. It's amazing that theories from long ago are still applicable on some of today's leading computer devices. Like the other two blogs, this blog also gives tips and advice for instructional designers and I even enjoyed reading through other individuals comments on the original blog entries. This particular blog looks as though it is updated fairly frequently which I enjoy and will check back for updates.

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