Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 7 Application

My learning theories class is almost over and I can’t believe how far my understanding of learning theories has come. Every day in class, I pick out the theories in play and think about the effects of my teaching and the students learning on the learning process. My view or paradigm of learning theories is still somewhat chaotic and complex but I think I relate most to the emphasis on social interaction and how the environment effects a student’s education. Being in the classroom, I really see these factors play into the learning process and are value to the students. I also see them being applicable to the changing technologically advanced classroom.
                Not only have I learned about my students learning and learning theories in general but I have thought about my own preferences and learning processes. I personally seem to identify with Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligences. I see such value in pushing and challenging myself to understand the topic on a deeper level. I recall information much better as well as understand information in a more valuable form than when I am just simply asked to recall the information. I can apply the knowledge to other situations and see the connections much clearer when utilizing higher level thinking.
 I also really enjoyed reading about the multiple intelligences and really see the usefulness in studying the theory. I love that the resources that we had about the topic talked about how we all have intelligences. Many students give up because they believe they are not “intelligent” in the traditional sense of the word. By informing students that they are indeed intelligent but maybe in a different way, they are more prepared to be successful.
New technologies and their relation to learning theories are also something that I feel like I have a better grip on now. Technology is becoming an increasingly important factor in education and this is something that has been emphasized throughout the course. I think that technology forces students to take charge of their education, aid in customizing their education for their own learning styles, personalities and interests, and aid teachers in presenting information to students in varied forms. Technology allows students to collaborate more easily, experience new things that they might not have been able to experience without technology and create which is a higher level on the Taxonomy. 

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